Art Basel: Basel (CH)

24 - 26 September 2021
Hall 2.1 | Booth K6
Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler is presenting a group presentation addressing fractured subjectivities with works by aLifveForms, Alexander Carver, Klára Hosnedlová, Brook Hsu, Pieter Schoolwerth, Slavs and Tatars, Anna Uddenberg, and Ambera Wellmann.


In today’s increasingly hybrid economy, the fiction of a static identity, tethered to one social and geographical axis, is being increasingly eroded. Such uprooting of stable subjectivities produces both emancipatory desires, as well as collective anxieties. The works in this presentation in different (and often diverging) ways deal with the aftermath of such identitarian dissolution, be it either in relation to accelerated technological advancements, queer embodiment or the rigidity of historical borders. Through painting and sculptural interventions, they address the permeability of the concept of the human and the inherent slipperiness of modern(ist) ontologies.