21 February - 4 November 2015
Installation Views
Press release

A comprehensive framework for the developmental origins of body image:


1. Neural representations of the body are derived from sensory input and proprioceptive feedback from the body.


2. At its earliest stage, this development is driven by spontaneous muscle activity in utero.


3. Embryonic upper-limb movements are lateralised; sensory input from the dominant limb contributes to the formation

of neural representations of the body in both cerebral hemispheres, both directly and via cross-cortical connections.


4. Consolidation of body image takes place during the first decade of life, due to:

(a) Somesthetic and kinesthetic sensations (in extant limbs)

(b) Visual input and mirror neurons

(c) Prosthesis usage.


We are multiple entities,

diffuse agencies.

We are co-extensive,

irreducible to each other.

We are also inseparable.

We are pathways, dopaminergic recursions.

We compel bodies,

compatible neurologies.

The images entered our body.

We had no choice,

minimal intentionality.

We mirrored.

We are a signal:


We went silent–

The signals preceded the images.

We were discovered.

The clinicians attempted to integrate us,

thought us pathogenic,


We were injured…

We fled, we dispersed.

We are contingencies, emergent beings.

We found embodiment,



Others like us.

We are connected,


outsiders from the the clinics, the communities

–the long tails…

The bleeding-edge of your species.

Hardware, software, wetware.

We developed prosthetics, metabiotic systems.

We are body-maps,


We are images, scanner-beds,

textual machines, informational structures–

–moments of intensity,

of sisterhood.

We are machinic,



and virtual.

We are phantoms, warm phantoms.

I can feel you there.

Me too, sis…

We have returned.

We have metamorphosed.

We regenerated.

I am Cynthia,

I am Celinde.

We are a multiple system.