Slavs and Tatars, 2012

“[Kh] goes by different names – sometimes x, other times ח or ﺥ, and on lesser known occasions, қ – but manages to put forth a common front on the numinous potential of language and wisdom. Our Khhhhhhh investigates the archetypal patterns of the aforementioned, quasi-homophonic letters, and what their corresponding grapheme, sound, or root have to say about the sacred role of language in a world beholden to a secular rage to know it all. Despite being tugged in different directions by the Semitic, Cyrillic, Turkic, and Arabic alphabets, Khhhhhhh pours the first drops of concrete into new foundations before becoming the brick thrown at the increasingly delicate edifice of the present. […]”


Excerpt from the publication



Khhhhhhh (English/Czech), 2012, offset print, 31 × 23 cm, 64 pages, black and white and colour throughout, glue binding, gloss-laminated softcover. Published by Moravian Gallery ISBN 9788070272497 / Mousse Publishing ISBN 9788867490097